Northern Medical Services (NMS) employs a unique team approach, working toward equitable, accessible health care in a geographically and culturally distinct setting. It is a department within the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan.

In northern communities, the physician's role is much more than the clinical care of patients. Liaison with other healthcare personnel, local community and other agencies providing services to the community is essential. NMS works cooperatively with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (the Northwest Area (former Keewatin Yatthe) and Northeast Area (former Mamawetan Churchill)); the Athabasca Health Authority; and Tribal Councils in the provision of these services.

Athabasca Region Mamawetan Keewatin

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Athabasca Region

The Athabasca Region is a pristine northern wilderness on the shores of Lake Athabasca. It is primarily accessed by plane; however an unpaved, seasonal road exists for those with an even more adventurous spirit. Physicians are richly rewarded by the warm communities, outstanding scenery and abundance of wildlife. Northern Medical Services has contracts for four self-employed physicians who provide 26 weeks of itinerant service per year on a rotational basis (two-week in/two-week out). The Yutthé Dené Nakóhódí (Northern Dené Healing Lodge), is the regional 14-bed facility located on the Chicken Reserve adjacent to Stony Rapids. The physician services are based at the integrated facility, with itinerant clinics by road in Black Lake and by air in Fond du Lac, Uranium City and Camsell Portage. The regional population is approximately 2,500 people, with the communities also served by primary care nurses. Physician housing is in Stony Rapids.

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Keewatin Yatthé Regional Health Authority

La Loche

La Loche is northern Saskatchewan's second largest community and is located 650 kms northeast of Saskatoon. The lush valleys of the nearby historic Clearwater and the Garson Rivers, and Lake La Loche have an abundant variety of fish and game. In the past few decades, and by sheer force of its cultural and economic geography, this friendly community has become a thriving center with modern medical facilities and excellent schools.

Northern Medical Services has contracts for eight self-employed physicians who provide 26 weeks of itinerant service per year on a rotational basis (two-week in/two-week out) to approximately 3,900 people in the area.

The Health Facility consists of a clinic, emergency room with four hold-over beds, in-patient ward with nine beds, long-term care facility and family healing unit with four beds.

Ile à la Crosse

On a paved highway just 275 km from Meadow Lake, Ile à la Crosse is situated in a picturesque lake region. Fishing, trapping, logging and mining flourish around the major centres of Ile à la Crosse, Beauval, Buffalo Narrows and La Loche.

Northern Medical Services maintains a six-physician group in Ile à la Crosse which provides services to nearly 5,000 people.

Health care facilities at Ile à la Crosse have relocated to the new Integrated Services Center which is a joint health and education facility. Regular clinics are scheduled at Patuanak, Buffalo Narrows, Dillon, and Beauval. These are accessible by both road and air.

The health facility includes an 11-bed hospital, a 17-bed, long-term care wing, a family healing centre, an emergency department, radiology and labs. Meeting rooms, day care, public health and mental health services, adult education, community recreation and space for community elders and spiritual counselling are among the many features of the unique facility.

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Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region
La Ronge

The La Ronge region is one of the most beautiful areas of the province with its forests, lakescapes and rivers.

Northern Medical Services maintains an fourteen-physician group which serves over 16,000 people. The physicians are based in the La Ronge Medical Clinic, a beautiful new office building on the shore of Lac La Ronge. Regular "fly-in" clinics are scheduled at Wollaston Lake, Pinehouse, Stanley Mission and Southend.

Health care facilities at La Ronge include the 40-bed La Ronge Health Centre.

Pelican Narrows

The community of Pelican Narrows is located 388 kms northest of Prince Albert serving a population of approximately 3,000 people.

Northern Medical Services has contracts for two self-employed physicians who provide 26 weeks of itinerant service per year on a rotational basis (one-week in/one-week out, or two and two) to approximately 3,000 people in the area.

Health Services are provided at the Angelique Canada Health Centre a spacious facility where all community health programs are delivered.

Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation

Community of Pelican Narrows

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